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Some people are born with style. I create yours with you.

Closet Organizing

” I absolutely cannot find anything to wear!”  Does this sound familiar? We stand there staring at a closet chock-full of clothes, shoes, scarves, ties and belts— yet we have nothing to wear. Wouldn’t it be amazing to just walk into your closet and easily find your favorite black pants and that perfect shirt to match—without a lot of stress or the time-suck of trying on one-thousand different outfits?

It is possible to achieve and maintain an organized closet through our service. While some of us can clean out the clutter in our closets on our own (maybe even make it look organized), but we seem to lack the skill(s) to make it stay that way.  This is why people need to hire a closet organizer.

After all, we hire professionals in numerous other aspects of our lives (such as professional trainers).  Why? Because they know the tips and tricks of their trade— they are experts.

Closet Edit:
(up to 3hrs)  | $350

Let me come in and organize, straighten, style, purge and modify your closet to make it a streamlined wardrobe shop for you to quickly and efficiently get dressed in! This service includes a full recap on the edit with a list of items to add to your closet to fully maximize your outfit potentials and wardrobe.

Style Me:
(up to 3hrs)  | $350

In Home Styling with your closet! Get 30-40 outfits styled from head-to-toe including shoes and accessories! Great service to pair after the Closet Edit. This service includes pictures taken and cataloged digitally. Swipe through your outfits in the morning or before a trip to quickly pick your ensemble for the day.

*Hard copy lookbooks are available for an extra fee

Pack Me:
(up to 2hrs)  | $200

Packing Appointments for trips and vacations! Take away the worry of what to wear and pack for your next trip!

Personal Styling:

$250 for 2 hours | $500 for 4 hours | $800 for all day

In-Home Styling

Do you ever feel like you have great pieces but no complete outfits? Do you look at trends and have a hard time evolving them for your lifestyle?

This is why you need this service! Lay out your challenging pieces and let me set up outfits from head to toe for you! I can show you multiple ways to wear your staple pieces and I can expand your closet through showing you different ways to wear them. Add accessories, shoes and take pictures to have your own style cataloged.

Packing Solutions

Packing can be overwhelming and I am here to take out the stress and have you perfectly equipped for all your travel!

    • Business Trips
    • Family Vacations
    • Weekend Getaways
    • Weddings
    • Honeymoons
    • Off to College
    • Conventions
    • Retreats & Cruises
    • and more…


Group Services

Image and Style are learnable pieces to ones life. We offer speaking services to women’s and men’s groups, offices, large companies and to any other setting that would need education on:

The importance of image

Appropriate work place attire

Fashion trends

Packing seminars

Investing in a workable wardrobe

Using your style to move your career forward

Fashion Q&A


Any event, any experience, we will help you create it. With experience in creating, running and hosting, We do all size events from an intimate tea party to a wedding of however many guests your heart desires.

We have organized creative beauty trunk shows as well as put on charity events and fundraisers. Fashion show directing and staffing are all part of what we can offer. We work with a wide array of partners to create your vision.

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