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Helping to launch, grow or diversify your brand

Consulting Overview

With over 20 years experience in the Fashion business B.Style consulting offers you several services to help launch, grow or diversify your brand. We focus on fashion and accessory business but have consulted several service and product based business outside this realm.

Feasibility Package
Cost: $650

This package is for:

  • Anyone who has an idea for a fashion or accessory product or any service business and wants to know if the idea is unique and profitable.
  • Someone who is thinking about starting a fashion business and needs an honest expert opinion about the idea.
  • It doesn’t matter if you have experience in the industry or not, that is what we are here for. It is important to hear the good and the bad about your business idea.

What is included:

A review of your brand’s concept, business model and goals

A review of your market positioning and target customer

An overview of your development and production options and decide which one fits your business model (where to produce, possible challenges and how to avoid them, etc.

A review of your selling strategy and how it will hold up long-term

A review of your business calendar (when to design, when to develop, produce, sell etc.)

A review of your start-up budget

The Process:

  1. Receive your business concept
  2. I will then review it and we will schedule a quick half hour call to go over it together. I will have a few assignments to prepare for our next meeting/call.
  3. Next we will schedule a 2-hour consulting session where we will deconstruct your concept, and go through every aspect of it. To conclude this session you will decide whether to proceed with the business. If you choose so then we will create a strategy to execute it and a map of the next steps for you to take.
  4. We will end the program with a follow-up call 2 weeks later to review your progress and make sure you are on the right track moving forward.
  5. Additional consulting packages are available to help you along the way and to secure success in your business.
Multi-Session Packages
3 Sessions: $600 | 5 Sessions: $975

How we can help:

We work with: women’s wear, men’s wear, children;s wear, swimwear, performance/active wear, lingerie, accessories, jewelry, handbags, home goods and more.

Fashion business consulting for new and existing businesses:

How to start and build a successful fashion line.

What are the first steps?, what do you need to have?, industry overview etc.

Feasibility – can your idea turn into a successful business?

Defining your target customer and your market positioning

Social Media services, marketing and content

Local to global promotion plans

Business and finance consulting: overall business and operating plan including start-up cost, cash flow etc.

Single Session Packages
Cost: $250

Starting a fashion brand and need clarity on your idea? Need help with evaluating and growing your existing fashion business? Looking for an expert’s opinion about your designs, sales strategy or any other aspect of your fashion business?

Hourly Consulting
Cost: $75

This rate may vary depending on the scope of the project.

Business Plan Creation
Cost: $800

Creating a business plan is key for the success of your business. Without direction there is confusion. Let us set up a clear path of success for you.

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Consulting sessions are 1 hour long and can be conducted in person by phone or via video chat.  We can also create a monthly package catered to your needs.

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