We often strive to have this elaborate  fantastic wardrobe full of limitless styling options and amazing pieces, however what we tend to do is fill up our closets with cheaper clothes (since we can not all afford YSL and Chanel) with less style that are just wasting space!

Every season I would recommend really looking through your closet and purging the pieces that have not seen sunlight in a year. After you do so it is time to refill but with key “Investment Pieces”. These are the pieces you save up for verses buying the knock off. You do so because they will be worn extensively with multiple options thus expanding your wardrobe!

Even if it is just a tank, no need to buy ten from the juniors department every two months when you can get some better quality ones for twice the price that will last you a year.

Next time you go shopping and want to come home with bags and bags of items pause and think, what few amazing versatile pieces do I really need to  INVEST in for LONGEVITY,,,,